Company history

5 Keyes is an international company with headquarters in Denmark and Germany.

With over 16 years of experience in the international real estate market, we have created 5keyes. As one of the first pioneers, the idea of selling homes in shares to multiple families was founded.
As our company name suggests, our business concept is to sell luxury homes in up to 5 shares per property.
We have established Partnerships with some of the best advisors in law and auditing, experienced in both the Danish and international estate market.

Our Story

Our business idea is to offer families their dream vacation in their own property abroad.

5 Keyes is an international company headquartered in Denmark with a branch in Hamburg, Germany. Our team has over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry both domestically and internationally. We encompass a wide range of services and we place great emphasis on our values of transparency, security, and professionalism.

Our Mission

The concept of 5 Keyes is straightforward: up to 5 families collectively purchase and share a luxury home abroad. This approach makes it feasible for many to realize their dream. Each share thus covers only 1/5 of the cost of purchasing and owning a home.

This arrangement allows the property to belong to a completely different class than would otherwise be possible. Moreover, with Globalraadgivning as the administrator, you need not concern yourself with maintenance, repairs, or the distribution of usage rights. Consequently, each share enjoys full access to the property for 10 weeks a year—free from worries.


As a significant additional benefit, sustainability stands out as a major advantage of this concept. It’s undeniable that the world is evolving, and one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions is the pursuit of new properties.

This concept embodies aspects of the circular economy by enabling up to five shares in the ownership of a single home.