The economy:

The economics of owning a stake in five Kyes.

The fixed expenses Among others, Based on real wages in each country.

The monthly common expenses include the following:

· Insurance

· Renovation

· Property taxes

· Maintenance of buildings

· Management fee

· Administration and Audit in Denmark and Thailand

Water, heat and electricity charged by consumption, standard cleaning after use is a requirement.

All owner provides security for a year of joint expenses so that every owner is guaranteed.

There have been no calculations on rental with the rental of weeks is not possible by default.



When buying a stake in five Keyes paid for the stake in cash to the owners' association, in addition

The security for one year common costs which runs throughout the ownership period.

The financing of your purchase can be done in several ways:

· You have available the amount and pay cash.

· You have equity in your Danish residence.

· You borrow money in your bank.